Korean actor Yeong-su Oh (78) – “Squid Game” grandpa is said to have molested his wife

++ If you haven’t seen “Squid Game” yet: This text contains spoilers for the resolution of the series ++

Yeong-su Oh (78) played Opi Il-nam Oh, who he loved at first, in the Korean hit “Squid Game”. But the sympathizer of the Netflix success turned out to be the mastermind of the inhuman “squid game” (the German translation of the title).

According to media reports, the actor has now been charged in South Korea. Oh is accused of “indecently touching” a woman in 2017. Basically, the responsible public prosecutor called this information “not wrong”.

Yeong-su Oh has spoken out about the allegations

The complaint against Il-nam Oh had already been filed in December last year. The police investigated the matter, but dropped the investigation in April 2022. However, the possible victim appealed and the case will be re-examined.

Legendary scene:

Legendary scene: “Squid Game” is an inhuman game, people are dying in droves

Photo: Netflix

As the English-language site Kora JoongAng Daily reports, Oh said he “held the woman’s hands to show her the way around a lake.” Although he apologized to the woman last year, that was not an admission of guilt. The pressure on Il-nam Oh is apparently high: the Ministry of Culture has already stopped airing a commercial starring the “Squid Game” star.

“Squid Game” grandpa is a mega star in South Korea

The 78-year-old is a megastar in his homeland and was the first South Korean actor to win a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor for his role in “Squid Game” in January.

The series became a global success for Netflix. The genius behind it, director and screenwriter Dong-hyuk Hwang, had said in the meantime that he couldn’t imagine a second season. In the meantime, however, it is clear: Next year will be filmed, in 2024 “Squid Game” should finally go into the second round.

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