Korina Rivadeneira will undergo a cesarean section in the next few hours or days, reveals Jazmín Pinedo

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HELLO, MY BARRUNTO. I arrive packed to tell you the latest from ‘Chollywood’… tilsa lozano He said that if she tells everything she knows about the CHABELITA I would lose out. Asuuuu… jasmine pinedo told that KORINA RIVADENEIRA She will undergo, in the next few hours or days, a caesarean section so that her little son Marito is born. Manya… By the way, the ‘Chinita’ commented that she is still single and she would like to have at least a ‘hide’. Quiet…

CHIKIPLUM uploaded a video on his Instagram stating that he loves his wife KATY PRADO, since in ‘America today’ they asked him if he was still in love with her and he answered evasively. Aww… BRUNELLA HORN He stated that there is no player who is faithful and issued a warning to Beto Da Silva, who is married to his ‘pinky’ IVANA YTURBE, so that he behaves well. Whoops…

Nicola Porcella He assured that in his time as a “warrior” he was never unfaithful. Do we believe him?… GRASS BECERRA traveled to Cancun and comes showing off her little belly in sexy bikinis… VANESSA LOPEZ was impressed to meet the actor WILLIAM LEVYwho was in the middle of recording in the streets of Spain… Now I’m off because my sweetheart wants me to make him a nice warm one… Suuuaaaveee.

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