Kristin Kaspersen embarks on a life-threatening adventure - despite the injuries

Kristin Kaspersen embarks on a life-threatening adventure – despite the injuries

Kristin Kaspersen shakes off the accidents and takes on a new challenge.

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Through her successful career, Kristin Kaspersen has led programs such as Söndagsöppet, Biggest Loser and Fångarna på Fortet.

But now she instead appears on the other side – yes, instead of being the one who keeps the threads in the celebrity-dense competition program at the fort, she is a participant. But Kristin has done it before – this is her fourth time.

Even though she’s a veteran, anything can happen at Fort Boyard. The celebrities do not know what to expect behind the closed doors and it is not uncommon for someone to get hurt. Which now happened Kristin.

But she does not seem to have been particularly affected by the incident – because now she embarks on another adventure where there have been countless serious accidents.

Kristin Kaspersen’s accident in the program – jack in the head

On Instagram, Kristin shows off her bloody forehead after her participation in Prisoners at the Fort and writes:

“What the hell fun I had with the best team! We gave everything! ”

Fortunately, it still seems to have gone pretty well – but this is not the first time Kristin has injured herself on the TV screen.

When she participated in Let’s Dance 2019, and also took home the entire competition, she was involved in an accident during a dance training. She fell and got a jack, even then in the forehead.

– None of us saw that it bled first. Then they said “no, it’s bleeding we have to call an ambulance” and I just “no, tape again just so we drive”. But then it was not possible to do it then so we had to go in, she said Expressen after the event.

It ended with nine stitches and Kristin had to dance on course days during the season.

Kristin’s new challenge after the injuries

But despite injuries, she does not shy away from new adventures. This summer she is going to Kebnekajse.

Tragically, twelve people have died since the year 2000 when they climbed the mountain, and many have been injured. But we all keep our fingers crossed that Kristin comes home unharmed – she probably has full control of the situation!

Photo: TT

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