"Krypto-Hamster" Mr. Goxx has passed away

The crypto community mourns the untimely death of Mr. Goxx, the crypto trading hamster who achieved over 45 percent returns at peak times.

“Mr. Goxx has brought joy to people around the world and reminded us not to take life too seriously,” the anonymous owner of Mr. Goxx said in a tweet on Wednesday. Mr. Goxx did no signs showed a serious illness and fell asleep peacefully on Monday morning.

Mr. Goxx had excited the Internet in the summer when he made one trade after another for various crypto currencies in his Hamster trading office placed, which consisted of a wheel of intention, tunnels for buying and selling decisions and various sensors and cameras. Since trading started on 12. June Mr. Goxx posted a return of 19.7 percent (98.20 euros), in percentage terms almost double the return on the S&P 500 of 10.9 percent in the same period.


The hamster’s last trade was in the sale of 3.229,4 Tron-Token on November 20th, which turned out to be very reasonable. The cryptocurrency slumped nearly 10 percent this week after eToro announced that it would remove TRX from its platform for US investors. The three main investments in Mr. Goxx’s portfolio were Stellar, Ether and Chiliz, as can be seen from the hamster’s last livestream video.

The success of Mr. Goxx enabled its owner to do more than 12.000 Dollar by selling Mr.Goxx-based NFTs to collect. The proceeds financed a larger trading portfolio for the hamster as well as the construction of a bigger and better trading facility, as he said in an interview with Insider said.

The idea of ​​continuing the crypto trading project with a new pet does not matter to the owner for the time being as he mourns the loss of Mr. Goxx.

“Thank you and rest in peace, Max (aka Mr. Goxx). We will miss you and your memory will live on forever on the blockchain,” he tweeted.

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