KSV at the 2023 beginners' tournament on March 18 in Klaus

KSV at the 2023 beginners’ tournament on March 18 in Klaus

At the beginners’ tournament in Klaus, the KSV-Götzis took part with ten boys and two girls.

The sporty “rascals” were looked after by Andreas Nagel, Oleksandra Kogut, Celina Denz and Elena Gassner. The tournament was very well attended with 130 beginners from Vorarlberg, neighboring Switzerland and Germany.

Coach Andreas Nagel was very satisfied with the performance and could see major improvements. Excellent second places were taken by Veronika Markotenko, Hamza Lök and Damian Dombrovskyi. Ömer Lök, Lorenz Büsel and Anton Shemetenko were also on the podium.

The other placements:

4. Rang Elvin Demirel und Vladi Sviatoslav

8th place Volodomir Statsenko and Lukas Breuss

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