Kubicki criticizes the Greens: "It’s not about comfort"

Crash in the traffic light government: The Greens are against letting the last nuclear power plants continue to run – the FDP finds this “irresponsible”.

The FDP is increasing the pressure on the coalition partners SPD and Greens to keep the last three nuclear power plants running in view of the rapidly rising energy prices. “It is urgently time to ensure the continued operation of the nuclear power plants for at least five years,” said the deputy FDP chairman Wolfgang Kubicki on Wednesday of the German Press Agency in Berlin. “In addition, we should use the domestic resources of oil and gas as quickly as possible instead of buying them expensively from abroad.”



In view of an economic and energy crisis “that can take on biblical proportions”, it is completely irresponsible, especially for the Greens, not to even begin to consider nuclear power for energy production, said Kubicki. “The Greens’ fear of losing face obviously outweighs their responsibility for the country’s economic viability.”

However, it is unacceptable to take one’s own ideology as a benchmark when it comes to allowing pragmatism to prevail in exceptional situations, emphasized the Bundestag Vice President. “It’s not about the well-being of the Greens, but about a perspective for millions of people in this country.”

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