Kylie Jenner posts picture in nipple bikini – then a small start-up wants to sue a luxury brand

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Kylie Jenner recently posted this picture on Instagram wearing a Jean Paul Gaultier nipple bikini. © @kyliejenner/via instagram

Kylie Jenner caused quite a bit of drama in her Jean Paul Gaultier nipple bikini – a small entrepreneur sees it as a copy of her own startup.

A recent Instagram post by TV star billionaire Kylie Jenner caused quite a stir: The youngest Kardashian Jenner member took to social media wearing a nipple bikini top. Entrepreneur Linze Rice from the start-up “TaTa Top” initially assumed that the influencer wanted to support her brand, which produces these nipple bikinis. But wrong thought: Kylie’s bikini top comes from a collection by the well-known fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier. reports that the start-up “TaTa Top” now wants to take action against Jean Paul Gaultier’s nipple bikini because of Kylie Jenner’s picture.

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