L-CHARGE plans to accelerate deployment of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Europe

Powered by hydrogen and LNG, L-CHARGE’s ultra-fast off-grid solutions can help accelerate Europe’s transition to net-zero emissions. While Norway, the Netherlands and Germany lead the way in electrification and infrastructure supply, with a planned ratio of 3 EVs per public charging point, many European countries are lagging behind. By comparison, Ireland currently has 22 EVs per public charging station, while the UK has 27.2 EVs per public charging station. Increasing the number of grid-connected chargers is often a difficult, lengthy and costly process due to grid constraints and aging infrastructure.

L-Charge solutions remove this barrier and provide companies in key industries such as leisure and hospitality, retail, automotive manufacturing, vehicle leasing and fleet management with unique advantages such as ultra-fast charging speeds, cost-effectiveness, resiliency and ability to significantly improve their sustainability capabilities.

Justin Tarr, vice president of sales and operations at L-Charge, said: “Norway has had initial success in transitioning to electric vehicles, mainly through a variety of incentives and policy tools. Fast-charging stations are deployed on all major roads. The ultimate goal is to reduce carbon emissions at all stages of the entire energy production process and use clean fuels such as hydrogen or LNG, and the L-Charge solution helps to achieve zero-emission goals.”

L-Charge offers three forms of charging stations, including fixed, mobile and floating versions. Stationary stations can be installed in any location, including highway services, traditional gas stations, retail parks, sports venues and public charging hubs. The mobile version consists of a truck that can drive around the city and recharge the electric car as needed. The Floating Station is a fully automatic vessel with an on-board power-generating engine that can be used to recharge offshore vessels along the way or at ports and marinas such as “MF Hydra”.

“As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, L-Charge is working to support governments and municipalities around the world in transitioning to an all-electric mobility ecosystem, while helping commercial fleets and transportation operators overcome charging anxiety. L-Charge’s Solutions, including mobile off-grid booster chargers, can be deployed anytime, anywhere, offering businesses the opportunity to enhance their operations and provide EV drivers with a hassle-free service to pursue their journeys,” explained Justin Thal.

Last year, L-Charge began trialling the world’s fastest mobile charging station in Europe, introducing a “green route” – charging electric vehicles for free on trips in Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands. The company recently announced that it will launch operations of its commercial network in London in autumn 2022. Norway will follow suit as another destination the company is eyeing.

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