L1: Nice overthrows Saint-Etienne in a match tainted by songs insulting the memory of Emiliano Sala

Nice almost plunged into its next match, that of its failed Coupe de France final against Nantes on Saturday (lost 1-0) at the Stade de France. For 52 minutes, Christophe Galtier’s men were completely off topic.

Logically led 2-0, they reversed the meeting thanks to the ex-Lyonnais Melvin Bard (1-2, 53rd), a double from Andy Delort (2-2, 60th and 3-2, 62nd) and a nice volley from Hicham Boudaoui (4-2, 80th).

But the meeting was also tainted, in the first period, by insulting songs from the South Popular stand of the Allianz Riviera.

The first was to insult the memory of Argentinian striker Emiliana Sala, a former Nantes striker, who died in January 2019 in a plane crash.

Around the 9th minute, the chant heard was as follows: “He’s an Argentinian who doesn’t swim well… Emiliano underwater…

At the end of the meeting, the club communicated on its website its condemnation of these songs. “The club does not recognize its values ​​or those of the entire red and black family in this unthinkable and abject provocation of a minority of its supporters, the statement said. OGC Nice sends its support to the family and loved ones of Emiliano Sala.

From now on, the League will look into this file.

– Hostile atmosphere –

The match had also started in a hostile atmosphere against the Nice players. After a few minutes of silence, La tribune Populaire Sud barely had time to invective his people with “And move the c..!“, that the Aiglons were already led.

While Denis Bouanga had already created a first opportunity (2nd), he took over from the chest a perfect cross from Yvann Maçon. Several minutes were useful for the video assistance to judge the offside whistled by referee Rudy Buquet, and validate the goal from Stéphane (0-1, 11th).

The insults coming from the same platform then redoubled, in particular against, this time, Stéphanie Frappart, the referee of the final of the Coupe de France on Saturday.

Nice, in great difficulty despite attempted attacks, conceded a second goal just before the break, following a very nice counter from Saint-Etienne. Ryad Boudebouz centered on Zaydou Youssouf, author of a magnificent end (0-2, 45th + 5).

After the whistles accompanying the Nice to the locker room, the recovery was very complicated for the finalists of the Coupe de France. Until Bard turns on the light again (1-2, 52nd). Then Delort, thanks to an exceptional free kick (2-2, 60th) and on a pass from Justin Kluivert (3-2, 62nd) offered victory to his team.

Nice, 63 points, thus goes back two points from the podium before receiving Lille on Saturday during the 37th day. Saint-Etienne, for its part, stagnates in 18th place, that of roadblocker, with 31 points. And allows Bordeaux, last with 27 points, not to be mathematically relegated yet.

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