La Brujita Verón went to the field to see the Wolf against Central Córdoba

The Vice President of Students of La Plata, Juan Sebastian Veron appeared at the Madre de dos Ciudades stadium in Santiago del Estero where Gimnasia faced Central Córdoba. The image of the idol plays in one of the boxes of the modern stage was seen on television. The typical image of the Little Witch with her cap was clearly identified.

During his visit to Santiago del Estero, Verón met his son Deian, the midfielder who currently plays for Central Córdoba. He also made contact with the technician Abel Balbusone of those who sounds to lead Students in the future.

The idol pincharrata did not miss the opportunity to watch football, and what better opportunity than to do it in a game of his eternal rival playing in distant lands of La Plata and in a key owner in the fight for the championship.

It was also a good opportunity to see his son on the pitch, as he entered the pitch midway through the second half.

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