La Calera defends itself against alleged infringement due to the number of foreigners

Colo Colo starred in a hard-working 1-1 draw on his visit to Unión La Calera for the 18th date of the 2021 National Championship, a result that keeps him at the top of the standings.

One of the novelties that the cement team had was the first appearance of Sebastián Saez in the tournament, a player who participated in the Copa Libertadores, but could not be registered because the places for foreigners were already covered.

In principle, it was thought that Sacha was going to take the place of Matías Laba, from whom it was speculated was going to leave. To the surprise of many, the midfielder started today against the albos, but this did not prevent the attacker from being registered, since took the place of the injured Gonzalo Castellani the pass market was barely opened.

The matter is not so simple, since the regulation indicates that the only way to “delete” to a registered player is that he suffers an injury that keeps him from the club for more than 180 days. Nevertheless, in Unión La Calera they defend themselves, assuring ESPN that this was endorsed by the ANFP and that They have until the fourth date to release the foreigner quota, which will not necessarily be Castellani.

“We are going to solve it, we have time until the fourth date, there is an administrative issue that the people of the club explained to me. We will decide until the fourth date, until then we will play with the foreigners that we have at our disposal “Francisco Meneghini explained at a press conference.

However, he left more doubts by stating that “Castellani or (Santiago) García are not necessarily going to come out, there is an administrative issue that I am not the best suited to explain. But the club explained to me that in this match we could count on foreigners without necessarily leaving any of those who were not there today “.

This legal vacuum may generate debate in the coming days and in Colo Colo they are studying the matter.

In La Calera they had to go out to explain the presence of Sebastián Saez / PHOTO: Agencia Uno

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