La Casa de Papel (Netflix): the teaser for the series finale has just been released!

The part of 2 of season 5 of The Money Heist will be released on Netflix on December 3, 2021. To keep fans waiting, the platform has just revealed a very promising final teaser.

As the first part of the final season of The Money Heist was unveiled in September on Netflix, fans are forced to take their troubles patiently until December 3, 2021, when part 2 will be released. These new episodes should pick up where part 1 left off, namely on the death of one heroes, and will therefore necessarily show its consequences. The episodes of this first part having been very intense, in particular with a scene of torture of one of the main characters, we expect at least as much for part 2, which, in view of the teaser revealed by Netflix, should prove to be just as explosive.

How will end The Money Heist on Netflix?

The end of the season left a lot of questions unanswered, which gave rise to many speculations from fans but will the theories prove to be true? It is too early to tell. However, the teaser gives some news of the Professor’s team and they seem to be in bad shape and devastated from the losses suffered in part one. We discover the Professor himself, who wears his spirit of revenge on his face and seems to be getting down to it seriously, while a sample released by Netflix in September hinted that he had disappeared. If we still don’t know what Alicia is going to do with the Professor, we see Lisbon in very bad shape, on the verge of being arrested. The pictures promise a heavy dose of action anyway.

Five final episodes to end the story of The Money Heist

Five episodes will compose this last part and will thus close the adventures of the Professor and his gang. Indeed, Netflix has confirmed that there will be no Season 6, although a Tokyo character-centric spinoff appears to be in the works. It was therefore necessary to offer a final equal to the success of the series. And the writing of this season in the midst of the Covid crisis seems to have inspired the authors: “When we started writing Part 5 in the midst of a pandemic, we realized we had to move away from what viewers might expect from a 10 episode season. So we used all the tools at our disposal. to create the feeling of an end of season from Volume 1. We started with a very aggressive style, putting the gang in a critical situation. In Volume 2, we focus more on the emotional state of the characters. It is a journey through their states of mind that links us directly to their departure “, a explained to Alex Pina, the creator of the series.

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