La Garçonne (France 3): should we watch the series with Laura Smet broadcast tonight?

A choice will have to be made. This Thursday, November 24, while TF1 will offer the meeting between Brazil and Serbia as part of the Football World Cup, and M6 is betting on something new with the series The man of our lives (our opinion) France 3 bets for a rebroadcast: the series Boyish. Already broadcast in August 2021, this police and historical series in six episodes sees Laura Smet – who recently confided in his parents – realize one of his wildest fantasies: to interpret… a man!

What are you talking about Boyishthe series with Laura Smet?

The actress plays Louise Kerlac, a former paramedic who witnessed the murder of a police officer and friend of her father, shot dead by men working for the Prefecture after the First World War. Main suspect, the young woman has only one solution: to disappear. Neither one nor two, she takes the place and the identity of her twin brother Antoine (Tom Hygreck), a cursed drug addict and painter who no longer wants to be a cop. At the criminal, here she is investigating the murder of a young model whose body is found in the Seine. In the evening, she also transforms into Gisèle, a girl of the night…

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Boyish (France 3): should we watch this historical thriller with Laura Smet?

Admittedly, the starting point is a bit far-fetched, but with its multi-layered police investigation, carried out at a frantic pace, and the tension linked to the triple identity of its heroine, Boyish captivates us from start to finish. Especially since the fiction of France 2, directed by Paolo Barzman, takes place in an era little covered on TV and yet very attractive: the 1920s. Over the course of six episodes, we literally plunge into the Paris of the Roaring Twenties, its cabaret evenings, its incredible costumes, its artists in the making – for some plagued by the conflict of 14-18. Get ready to meet Man Ray, Joseph Kessel, or even Coco Chanel. In short, it’s bubbling, it talks about feminism, populism, corruption, debauchery, post-war trauma… and the reconstruction of this era fascinates. We almost believe it!

Laura Smet impresses in Boyish

And what about Laura Smet ? If it is sometimes difficult to understand how her crime colleagues do not unmask her, the actress, who thought a lot about her father during the filming, impresses us in this role for which she has prepared hard. “I worked on body language for a month with a dance teacher. He taught me the basic posture of a man”, told us the actress, who by the way, cut her hair! At her side, she can count on other talented actors, starting with Grégory Fitoussi (who has changed a lot since his debut) in the shoes of a determined journalist, Louise’s sidekick.

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