‘La Hiena’ and a chubby businessman are fighting and friendship

We are little meat from the serve… Everything is known. pass me the voice that the ‘Hyena’ and his businessman, a chubby man who is famous thanks to a striker who broke it in Germany, They fight and friendship. It is said that the boy takes some ‘pomos’ and rings it to tell him not to look for a club, because he has an account of 200 thousand dollars in the bank and does not need the ball. The next day, hungover and nervous, he writes to her to find him a job. My nephew has a pericote stain on his head. Asuuuu…


So the ‘Ratón’ took his partner to live in Huancayo. Since he is now a player for a Tarmeño club, he wants to do things well and not be seen walking the streets of La Incontrastable at night. The bad thing is that a couple of times a week he arrives smelling of drink. They assure that he is stuck in his apartment, but the problem is that he forces the ‘patron’ to prepare cocktails for him and accompany him until he falls asleep like a baby. He does it himself. Do not be bad…

Donny His Secret To Break It In Super League 7
Donny Neyra was the revelation in Superliga 7. The footballer told ‘La fe de Cuto’ what he does before each match.

Speaking of brats, I am told that in the ‘City of Eternal Spring’ there are a couple of pointers who have been hired by the coach of a professional team. Is that the strategist accepted that a great flyer arrives on the condition that they let him watch it. That is why a ‘rabid toad’ follows him everywhere and the first one who asks for ‘ice cream’ is captured. Rexuxa…

Good the ‘Donut’ of Fisherman’s Town. The Chalaco is not going through his best economic moment, but when he is summoned by a sports company he does not ask for clothes, a sweatshirt or balls. The man announces that he likes to share and needs pairs of slippers for his long-suffering people in the neighborhood. He gives everything away. Okay… I’m leaving, I’m leaking.


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