La Piponeta, on the route of the best campaigns in history

In the old Opening, Closing, Initial and Final, which had 19 dates, Pipo’s Wolf would have reached the finish line first with 36 pointswith a yield of 63.15%, product of 10 wins, 6 draws and 3 losses. goals? 21 in favor and 10 against.

Talking about all the problems he had to go through already seems like something that was left in the past, because it has been said over and over again that he overcame sales, injuries, absences due to suspension and always came out well. That marks the great work of NĂ©stor Gorosito and his coaching staff and a squad that is convinced of their driver’s message.

The idea in this review is to compare this moment of Pipo’s Wolf with the Express of 33, the Wolf of 62, the Sweeper of 70 and further back in time the enormous campaigns with Carlos Griguol, Carlos Ramaciotti and Pedro Troglio.

So far the numbers are traced to those of the 1998 Apertura with Timoteo at hand, although that team scored 10 more goals. At that time and based on the 97/98 season, qualified for the Conmebol Cup.

In the comparison with campaigns that were recorded in history and beginning with the dawn of the professional tour begins with the 1933 Express. Tournament that had 34 dates and in which Gymnastics reached an efficiency of 67.64 percent. They won 21 games, tied 4 and lost 9. They were a team with enormous scoring power with 90 points. He finished fifth and the champion was San Lorenzo.

For its part, the Wolf of 62 finished third with a performance of 67.85 percent. Of 28 matches that the championship had (one more than those that the current League has) they won 18, tied and lost 6, with 47 goals for and 28 against. The champion was Boca.

La Barredora del 70 finished second in its zone and played the semifinals against Rosario Central (it was the champion) with an amateur team due to an economic conflict that kept the squad with president Oscar Venturino. In court of Newell’s he fell 3 to 0. In total he played 21 games, with 13 wins, 3 draws and 5 falls. He scored 46 goals and received 31. His efficiency was 69.04 percent.

In the list of major campaigns appears the 1995 closing (last tournament with 2 points per game won). With an efficiency of 76.31 percent he was second to San Lorenzo. Of 19 dates, he won 12, tied 5 and only lost 2. He converted 29 goals and scored 13.

The second runner-up for Timoteo’s team was in the Clausura 1998 (already with 3 points per game won). There the Wolf reached a performance of 68.42 percent. They won 12 games out of 19, tied 3 and lost 4, with 43 goals for and 21 against. He got 39 points. The champion was Velez.

Already in the 21st century with Carlos Ramciotti at the head of the team he finished second in the Clausura 2002. He had 11 wins, 4 draws and as many losses, with 33 goals converted and 23 conceded. He had 37 points, an efficiency of 64.91 percent and the champion was River.

Cuzco F.C.

The last team that fought for the championship was with Pedro Troglio as driver in the 2005 Apertura (Boca came out champion). The numbers were similar to the cast of Ramaciotti but with 28 goals for and 19 against. The campaigns of these last 2 teams led him to play the Libertadores in 2003 and 2007.

La Piponeta today marks the path of the League, it is the first in line and depends on itself. The desire and objective of the title is more alive than ever because its great campaign allows it to dream. Nobody gave him anything and the goal of returning to the international field is close.

Playing the South American at this point seems like a consolation prize, because he almost has it insured. The team wants to play the Libertadores, the most prestigious cup on the continent. It all depends on Gymnastics.

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