La Plata: they found a police officer with a bullet in the chest and fight to save his life

The young 25-year-old police officer underwent surgery at the Romero Hospital / Archive

In a scene that reflected a self-injury, a police officer was found shot in the chest. At first, she was believed to be dead, although as soon as medical assistance arrived, it was found that she had vital signs. That is why she was urgently loaded into an ambulance, which transferred her in code red to the Alejandro Korn hospital in Melchor Romero, where they had to undergo an emergency operation. Last night, her condition was critical and secretive.

As this newspaper learned, the 25-year-old victim, who works in the fourteenth branch of La Plata, was at his home in the San Carlos neighborhood, on 137th Street between 525 and 526.

Apparently, the agent left a letter in which, in her own handwriting, she provided details of the reasons for her supposed decision.

The potential is due to the doubts that the fact raises among the investigators, beyond the fact that the cause was labeled as “suicide attempt”.

Court sources told EL DIA that the injured police couple is a member of the Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service and, as established by protocol, was subjected to a dermotest test to assess whether he could manipulate the weapon with which the shot was allegedly fired. .

If so, the case would take a different turn.

For this reason, always according to the same spokesmen, the officer’s pistol was seized and the same would have happened with that of her partner.

The criminal prosecutor in charge of La Plata, María Eugenia Di Lorenzo, intervened in the investigation, requesting the intervention of a body of experts to trace the traces.

The investigation of the summary, at least for the moment, was in charge of personnel from the La Unión sub-station, apart from the fact that detectives from the local DDI also participate.

The fact, needless to say, caused a stir in the neighborhood, which clearly heard the roar of the deflagration, although at first they did not know its origin.

Tremendous was the reaction when the mobiles approached the police house and saw how an emergency team took her in serious condition.

Many inhabitants of the area, surely, will be summoned to give a testimonial statement in order to determine what was the relationship that united the victim with his partner, if they heard fights or became aware of any serious problem, which could have served as a trigger. for a situation like the one lived.


This is not the first case that an officer is involved in an episode of suicidal characteristics in the Region.

Apart from the reservations that the investigations show in the San Carlos incident, there would be at least three events of agents who decided to attempt against their lives so far in 2022.

The statistics are worrying and, at a general level, according to official figures, there would be more falls due to depressive symptoms or personal issues, than due to acts of service or traffic accidents.

Undoubtedly, the issue deserves to be analyzed in detail in order to take the appropriate measures.

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