La Scaleneta carries the weight of being the enormous illusion for a country that asks for good news

La Scaleneta carries the weight of being the enormous illusion for a country that asks for good news

AFP // Training prior to World Cup debut

As never before, what produces the overall performance of the Argentine National Team in the Qatari territory will have a major impact on the social mood of the entire country.

It is known that in our country football pulls emotions from the opulence of excess; and this time it is perceived more clearly. At a time that is not easy to transit with dignity the condition of being Argentine, the Scaloneta (affective and marketing name that was installed with unusual force after winning the Copa América in Brazil, in July of last year) carries the illusion of a people eager to find reasons that push them to celebrate.

Like it or not, soccer is one of the basic elements that make up the light blue and white idiosyncrasy. Just as their absence (recess periods, strikes and even in the recent pandemic) stains the daily life of millions of people with boredom and even a certain sadness, the arrival of such a climax, such as the final phase of a World Cup, exacerbates sensations that are triggered without asking for authorization.

That the team do well is a wish, and also a necessity

For being, almost certainly, the last opportunity for Lionel Messi to achieve the only great professional satisfaction that he lacks; for how convincing the recent competitive times of this team that has a resounding popular approval have been (there is not even an absent name that the fans angrily claim); Because a lot has happened since that Cup lifted by Diego Maradona in Mexico ’86 and, fundamentally, because it would represent a giant bottle of vitamins for the national soul, that the Scaloneta do well would mean an overflowing satisfaction.

This National Team went from feeling that the main Argentine coaches were giving it back, and from putting a technical director who had never worked as such as a “desperate slap”, to feeling proud for arriving in Qatar perceiving homogeneous respect for their status as bravo team.

Beyond some casualties (Lo Celso’s is the one he regrets the most because he is a member of the starting squad), Scaloni’s team knows that a lot is expected of his performance. After a long period of time, the majority of the fans of all the teams harbor the hope of seeing him reach the most privileged instances.

A couple of months ago, the furor unleashed by the launch of the World Cup figurine album was a fever anticipating such an expectation. The beautiful ceremony of getting and opening packages with the anxiety of receiving what one expected seemed like a nostalgic theft that took us back to a better time.

It was known for a while that we were going to be as we are. It was a slow process that exploded with Dibu Martínez’s saves and, above all, with Di María’s exquisite definition against the rival who best suited us.

It will depend on each one to gauge the importance assigned to it

This Tuesday a tide will definitely be put into action that will drag wills without distinction of any kind. Perhaps it acts as an incentive to continue fulfilling obligations that you don’t usually expect. Each one will calibrate it with his rod.

The most exotic World Cup in history, that of millionaire investments and that of some cultural controversies that do not go unnoticed, opens the door to the Argentine National Team.

Whatever happens, the country will remain immersed in its own maze of difficulties, but, it is known, a collective joy can make reality seem friendlier.

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