La Selecta falls to Mexico, which remains leader of the octagonal

Mexico took a fair victory against the Selecta Cuscatleca tonight with the score of 0-2, in a game where the Salvadorans did not project danger to the goal of Guillermo Ochoa.

With this result, Mexico remains undefeated and leader of the Concacaf octagonal, heading to Qatar 2022.

The scorer of the first Aztec goal was Héctor Moreno at minute 30. Raúl Jiménez scored a penalty at 90 + 2. The Mexican team dominated the match against an imprecise Salvadoran team.

The national team played with 10 players after the expulsion of Mario Jacobo at minute 47. For its part, Mexico also played with 10 players, after Néstor Araujo received his second yellow card at minute 67.

Mexico came out more aggressive, generating more danger options in Mario González’s goal. The select had to endure the high pressure of the Aztec team and tried to surprise through the counterattack.

They were 15 very hard minutes for El Salvador. At minute 17 the Selecta had their first approach, the clearest in the whole game and it was when Enrico Dueñas had a break from the left, threw a cross to the first post, and after the rejection the ball was left out of the area by Alexander Larín , who threw the ball near Guillermo Ochoa’s cabin.

Despite this effort, Mexican dominance grew to such a degree that El Salvador ended up playing ball, something that facilitated the work of the Aztec defense.

It was at minute 30 that the Aztecs opened the scoring, when a corner kick taken by Jesús Corona caught the local defenders in a bad way, who could not make an effective mark on Héctor Moreno and this with a header in the center of the area sent the ball inside the frame to silence the Çuscatlan.

For the second half, things got complicated for La Selecta, when Mario Jacobo was expelled, although afterwards everything was balanced when Néstor Araujo saw the red card for the visit at minute 67. Despite that, the Salvadorans showed a lot of desire, but with few football arguments to be able to at least shoot Guillermo Ochoa’s goal.

In the final part, the Selecta went on the attack, but a ball that Raúl Jiménez took across the band with power and skill, got into the area, when he was about to shoot it was knocked down inside the area so the referee marked penal. The Wolverhampton player arrived at the charge, who with a great definition made the final 2-0.

El Salvador is now complicated in the table, because it fell to seventh place with five points after a win, two draws and three losses. La Selecta will now have to recover in the double day of November when they face Jamaica in Cuscatlan and visit Panama.

Concacaf depends on the commissioner

The black spot was put by the fans with the throwing of plastic bags with water against the Mexican players and their coach Gerardo “Tata” Martino, and the laser beam that apparently some fans of the box projected it towards the faces of the Mexican players.

The Football Federation was already fined for these same actions in the match against Panama with the amount of 26 thousand euros, now the worst that could happen is that they sanction the Cuscatlán stadium and lose the home against Jamaica.

Now it will be the Concacaf commissioner who will have in his power with his report if El Salvador only receives a fine or there is another punishment.

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