La Victoria: ‘Muñeca’ assaults taxi drivers and dies of laughter after being arrested

For her everything was a joke despite the crime she had committed. Kiara Rodríguez, ‘La Muneca’, who turned 18 a little over a month ago, assaulted a taxi driver with her gang through an application, from whom she had requested his services, but after being detained by the Police, incredibly, she began to kill herself. laughter, in La Victoria.

According to first investigations, through a well-known app and in the afternoon, she, together with Rina Castillo (19) and Emir Chuquillanqui (19) asked for a taxi to pick them up near the ‘Unión Panamericana’ park, Balconcillo urbanization.

The driver of a modern van went for them.

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“Upon arrival, the two girls and the man come out and proceed to steal his cell phone through violence”said the head of the Central Police Division 2, PNP Colonel Jorge Barboza.

The 52-year-old victim explained that while the two women climbed into the back, the young man sat down forcibly in the passenger seat. “My car turned off. I chap him, he hits me, grabs the phone and runs away”narrowed down

At the same time that he asked the Police for help, the taxi driver followed the subjects to their hiding place, in block two of the Santiago Cárdenas jirón, near the ‘Unión Panamericana’ park. Agents from the ‘La Victoria’ police station, who were doing their patrol rounds, captured them in minutes.

The cell phone was recovered at the young man’s house.

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Already in the delegation, “Muñeca” began to laugh as if it were a game.

For the authorities, ‘The Dolls of Balconcillo’, as they were called, would have committed crimes on several occasions, however some aggrieved parties did not file a complaint.

The three were taken to the La Victoria police station to investigate the case under the supervision of a representative from the Prosecutor’s Office.


– Do not race to dangerous areas.

– Do not carry drunk or drugged passengers.

– Beware of false addresses.

– Do not accept drinks or food from any passenger.

– If the passenger tells you that another person is going to board, do not accept.

– Take extra precautions if you work at night.

– If your passengers make signs or speak in code, go to a police station.


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