“La Voz Senior”: Pepo moved everyone by dedicating his presentation to his son in heaven

“The Senior Voice” lived another night full of emotions during the elimination gala. The singer Pepo Orozco, a member of Daniela Darcourt’s team, managed to move the coaches with his interpretation of “Never die.”

As indicated by the participant during a talk before his presentation, this song evokes his nostalgia and makes him remember his son Pepito, who now cares for him from heaven. In addition, he decided to modify the song to dedicate a meaningful message to it.

I chose this song because it fills me with feelings, it has a story and I sing it thinking about my son ‘Pepito’ who is in heaven. In the rehearsal, in the middle of the song, I do a little recitation for my son that God decided to take him away and you have to accept it. I would say to my little boy: ‘Thank you for always being with me’ “, he pointed out before his staging.

After its staging, the coaches were moved. Daniela Darcourt was in charge of giving him words of encouragement and talking about the presentation of Pepo Orozco, who only managed to thank him for his words.

“I think many people have forgotten that the artist is a human being and that when he comes out on stage he comes out carrying a very heavy backpack of personal emotions. Sometimes it is difficult for us to adjust our throats so as not to cry, so as not to break. What Pepo has done today escapes any technical thing that may have failed”, the gravy boat said.

Like a night of elimination, Daniela Darcourt had to choose between the voices of Pepo Orozco and Caridad Plaza, finally the sauce boat chose the voice of the last participant. In addition, he dismissed Pepo Orozco amid applause.

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