‘Lack of judgement’: Prince Charles reportedly received donation from bin Laden family

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Of: Larissa Glunz

Prince Charles' foundation is said to have received a million-dollar donation from the bin Laden family.  (photomontage)
Prince Charles’ foundation is said to have received a million-dollar donation from the bin Laden family. (Photomontage) © i Images/United Archives International/Imago

Prince Charles faces harsh criticism. Members of the bin Laden family are said to have made a generous donation to the royal charity. A payment that made waves years later.

LONDON – A quiet summer break with no negative headlines or sensational news Queen Elizabeth II (96), who is currently spending her traditional holiday in Scotland. The head of the British royal family should be angry about the current reports about Prince Charles (73). A donation from the bin Laden family has had a wide impact.

Osama bin Laden’s half-brothers are said to have supported Prince Charles’ organization

The surprising revelation of the “Sunday Times” caused heated discussions not only among Prince Charles’ compatriots. As the British newspaper reports, the heir to the throne of Bakr (76) and Shafiq bin Laden is said to have accepted a donation of one million pounds (almost 1.2 million euros). Bakr and Shafiq are the half-brothers of former al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden (54, † 2011), who planned the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States.

In October 2013, Bakr bin Laden reportedly met Prince Charles at Clarence House in London. According to the Times, the donation went to the 73-year-old’s charity, the Prince of Wales Charitable Fund (PWCF). Even then, advisors to the future king are said to have voiced their concerns, and the latest reports have also raised critical voices.

Wasn’t Prince Charles involved? Clarence House comments on the donation

“Prince Charles continues to show a serious lack of judgment regarding [der Frage], from whom he accepts money,” British media quote former MP Norman Baker (65). A Clarence House spokesman denied the involvement of the Queen’s eldest son in a statement, according to “CNN”: “The decision to accept was made solely by the trustees of the charity”.

Not for the first time, a donation to the Royals has caused a storm of indignation. A few weeks ago, a million dollar donation from Qatar to Prince Charles made the headlines. Sources used: thetimes.co.uk, edition.cnn.com

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