Lagna: "The deployment of the forces will take place in the big cities"

The Minister of Provincial Security, Jorge Lagna, highlighted this Wednesday the arrival of federal forces to reinforce the fight against insecurity and drug crime in Rosario and the entire province of Santa Fe.

“We have been coordinating with Aníbal Fernández’s teams for 15 days and unified commandos of the forces have been created. The deployment of the forces will take place in the big cities focusing on Rosario and Santa Fe, but also in cities like Reconquista, Venado Tuerto and Rafaela. We are very hopeful with Governor Omar Perotti in this new approach that Aníbal Fernández has given to the drug trafficking problem, “Lagna said in Cadena OH!

After the agreements reached with the Nation in the meeting held a few weeks ago by the Governor, the Minister of National Security, and Lagna himself, these promises began to materialize this Tuesday. with the arrival of troops in Rosario of different mobile detachments. This Thursday, meanwhile, Fernández, Perotti and Lagna will participate in the official presentation of these forces at the Sports Museum.

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“We are going to have great protection over Rosario and we will also work on other sources of violence that are generated in some pockets of the city of Santa Fe and occasionally in other localities. The key is that these forces are not swallows, that will come and go, but that they are definitely installed in the city and the region.“, said the provincial official.

The head of the Santa Fe Security portfolio recalled that in a first stage they will arrive as reinforcements “575 agents that come from different parts of the country to work concretely with complex crime in Rosario and in the cities that require it. “He also recalled that in March the arrival of more federal forces will be completed with another 1,000 troops that will be part of the new mobile detachment 7.

However, the official valued the application of a concept that goes beyond the saturation of the territory: “Now a criminal investigation unit is added, which already works in conjunction with other teams, provincial and federal prosecutors. This approach was essential with very deep investigations, with raids, with new investigations. What is coming is promising, it is only about working together. We have created a unified command from where the diagrams of the street, fixed and mobile operations will come out, especially in the neighborhoods that our investigations indicate that there are higher levels of violence. “

More presence in the neighborhoods

“Our Crime Observatory measures all these issues and we are talking about 12% of the territory of Rosario. These data coincide with those of the Federal Justice. Gendarmerie will bring a body of specialized investigators, not just forces to occupy the territory. We aim at that, not only to accumulate men, but to direct that presence that will be increased in the coming days. “

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