Laila Bagge moves out – breaks the silence about the tough times with Korosh

Laila Bagge and Korosh check into a hotel after the renovation chaos on Lidingö.

Laila Bagge: “Everything goes to hell”

After the commercial: Laila Bagge: “Everything goes to hell”


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Laila Bagge, 49, became known all over Sweden when she broke through as an enthusiastic and talented jury member in Idol. She had previously made a name for herself in the music industry, but for many Swedes she was a mystery.

Since then, Laila Bagge’s career has taken off. Today, she is no longer seen in Idol, but is heard almost daily in the radio program Rix Morronzoo, and for many has come to be a safe start to the day.

She is a true multitasker and also runs her own business with boyfriend Korosh Kananian, 31. They met during a night out in Stockholm eight years ago and have been inseparable ever since!

Laila Bagge and Korosh Kananian

Laila Bagge and Korosh Kananian have been a couple for over eight years.

Patrik Österberg/TT

Laila Bagge’s panic at home

At the beginning of the summer, the couple made the decision to completely renovate their house on Lidingö. But what should have been a dream project has instead become a real nightmare project.

When Svensk Damtidning met Laila Bagge in connection with the Kristalangelan at the beginning of September, she was dejected and revealed that the entire renovation had been “hell”.

– There is mold in the whole basement, but we’ve got a handle on it now anyway and have humidifiers inside. We get to tear everything out. In any case, it will be good, after that, but it has not been fun, she said then.

Bagge’s nightmare – now the profile is falling: “Damn fucking”

Forced to move out after the renovation chaos

The renovation has been beset by major problems. A moisture-damaged and black-molded basement, combined with a piece of rock that goes right through the house, means that Laila Bagge and Korosh are now forced into a hotel.

According to Expressen, the couple will live there while construction workers crack the rock. In addition, son Liam has been forced to move out temporarily, but despite all the disasters, Laila Bagge refuses to shut up.

– No, but it has been terrible, I shouldn’t dwell on that. It’s been a lot of work, but now you kind of know that you’re getting a healthy house, so that’s what you feel is now the way it is… I’ve always been solution-focused. It doesn’t help to lie in the fetal position and cry, we’ve done that, she says The Express.

Photo: TT

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