Laila Bagges and Niclas Wahlgren’s real relationship today – the truth revealed after the bitter divorce

Laila Bagge and Niclas Wahlgren

They were the happy family until Laila got tired and the divorce was a fact.
She herself went on with 18 years younger Korosh while Niclas started to train hard.

The artist and radio profile Niclas Wahlgrens, 56, married the “Idol” jury Laila Bagge, 48, started with dancing to sweet tones, but ended in a mourning song from the aging pop star. The two met when they participated in “Let’s dance” in 2009 and quickly became one of Sweden’s most described celebrity couples. They appeared in droves together and constantly showed up together on social media.

Therefore, Laila Bagge and Niclas Wahlgren parted ways

Laila Bagge and Niclas Wahlgren

Laila Bagge and Niclas Wahlgren split up.

After getting married in 2010 in Jakobs kyrka in Stockholm, they had their son Kit, 9 (turns 10 on October 19) in the autumn of 2011, and they seemed happy together for a long time. As recently as 2013, Laila told Svensk Damtidning how she used to pamper her husband:

– If I’m going to do a real “shut up day” for Niclas, it often starts with me giving him a massage when he gets home, then he gets to slip into the whirlpool with a glass of wine and then I have prepared with yakuniku that we grill . If you eat a regular dinner, it often goes so fast, when you grill it takes longer. It will be a delicious dessert. Otherwise we go and have a massage in town and eat some oysters.

But in the summer of 2014, the marriage crashed. Suddenly, they no longer appeared at all in each other’s social media feeds. They were also not out in the crowd together and the married couple stopped living together. Niclas increasingly slept over at the home of his sister Pernilla Wahlgren, 53, whose house was not so far from their own on Lidingö. Then Laila stayed for a number of days at the hotel Scandic Klara in Stockholm.

Could hardly be in the same room

Although they could hardly be in the same room anymore, they refused to comment on the divorce rumors. But after months of uncertainty, they finally decided to give up. Early in the morning on Monday, November 10, 2014, Laila wrote in her blog:

– Niclas and I have decided to go our separate ways. We have today submitted an application for divorce to the Stockholm District Court and hope that our privacy is respected.

Laila does not want to say more than that.

– She has no further comments other than what is in the blog, Laila’s press contact Lili Assefa, 44, announced to all media who asked.

Just a day later, the couple’s five-room villa of 260 square meters was put up for sale with a starting price of SEK 13.9 million. At the same time, Niclas announced that he would take a week off from his job as a presenter on the radio channel Rix Fm, while Laila was supported by her former ex-husband Anders Bagge, 53, and the others in the “Idol” team.

“She got tired of me”

Although it was initially said that they had made a joint decision to go their separate ways, it soon turned out that it was Laila who had grown tired of her husband. For already in January 2015, Niclas spoke out in the podcast Aftrus where he said:

– I was left. And you have to accept that, but I can not say that it is fun or good. Happy Divorce, What Is It? I do not think there are any, this is definitely not one. Of course I have heard and seen speculations such as “he has probably been unfaithful” or “he has probably beaten her” but it is as far from me as you can get. It feels important to say that the truth behind our divorce is that she got tired of me. It’s very sad, but it’s the truth.

This was followed by a position war where the two followed each other on social media at the same time as many at their joint workplace MTG Radio testified about the icy cold that prevailed between the ex-spouses.

A nail in Niclas’ eye was that Laila was picked up later in 2015 by her new 18-year-old boyfriend Korosh Kananian, 30, at the Riche restaurant in Stockholm. The day after the night out, she woke up in Korosh’s apartment in Kista and since then the two have been inseparable. In early 2020, Laila told the magazine Amelia:

– At first, of course, the media loved to write about our age difference. But after five years, the accident crusts have finally stopped crashing. Now it feels damn nice! I have never been with anyone for so long without feeling that we have to “fix something”. You often have a three-year crisis, or a five-year crisis. But not now. It still tingles in my stomach! I’ve never been so happy.

She also took the opportunity to tab in something Niclas probably took like a cock when he read exet’s interview:

– Everything is better with a younger man: equality, caring, sex, how they work with children and so on. There is a curiosity and a genuine interest in the woman. The older men are often selfish and get curled up, they expect you to take the kids when they get sick and only their careers count.

Despite this, however, Laila has often in interviews after the divorce tried to emphasize the working relationship she and Niclas have. In 2018, for example, she said in Aftonbladet:

– Right now we have a good relationship. It has still been a very long time. We try to have a good relationship for Kit’s sake.

Laila and Korosh live and run the beauty brand Kolai together today. She and Niclas have shared custody of their son Kit.

And as for Niclas, he decided to change his life completely after the divorce. He spent all his free time training hard and building muscle, is still passionate about his training and trained as a personal trainer in the summer of 2019. Nowadays he is the host of the popular radio program NRJ Morgon and he likes to show his well-trained body in Social Media. When Aftonbladet last winter asked if he has any new love in his life, Niclas answered, in addition to talking about himself in the third person, very cryptically:

– There is always someone who warms his heart a little extra.

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