Laisha Wilkins alerts her fans to emergency surgery

Actress Laisha Wilkins, 40, He was admitted to the Angeles del Pedregal hospital as an emergencysouth of Mexico City for a gallbladder operation, for which a close friend recently told details of what happened.

The actress’s friend has said that for a few days she began to feel bad, that in fact on Thursday night, in the early hours of Friday the pains in the lower abdomen began to increase and he was very worried about what, on the recommendation of his mother, but especially of the doctors, was that he was hospitalized as an emergency.

“They did studies and reviews and yes it was the gallbladder, he needed an emergency operation.”

It seems that the actress Laisha Wilkins was hospitalized from Friday at noon, at the time of the operation a medical assistant entered her room with an oxygen tank, but it was not until Sunday afternoon that after the operation she was discharged .

What happened to Laisha Wilkins?

Laisha Wilkins leaving the hospital / Photo by TvNotas

Laisha Wilkins leaving the hospital / Photo by TvNotas

The source close to the soap opera actress revealed that she was fearing the worst because since she is not sick, and her pain threshold is very weak, well, she was worried, but immediately upon admitting her they ruled out that it was something else more delicate, so she put herself in the hands of the doctors and they operated on her.

About the operation, he has expressed: “Wonderful, because as you say, he was admitted to a private clinic and although they charged him very expensive, everything went very well, in addition to the fact that his insurer covered the expenses, the operation took about two hours.

“So you can see how strong he is, after two days, that is, on Sunday afternoon he came out on his own.”

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He didn’t want to stay in the hospital anymore.

Laisha Wilkins leaving the hospital / Photo by TvNotas

Laisha Wilkins leaving the hospital / Photo by TvNotas

It has been highlighted that the same actress Laisha Wilkins left the hospital without the help of a wheelchair or medical assistance, because, although they suggested she stay one more day and leave on Monday morning, she did not want to.

“I imagine that because of the extra cost that this generated (laughs), because you don’t earn a lot of money from television to afford yourself those luxuries, being admitted to a private clinic is already a luxury that she can’t afford right now.”

It should be noted that originally the beautiful actress Laisha Wilkins would study cooking, but later she entered Televisa’s Center for Artistic Education (CEA) to study acting. Her first appearances on television were some small appearances in Another roll with Adal Ramones.

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