Large families: the focus of Alexandre Dol, criticized for his role as father-in-law

Alexandre Dol, the father of the tribe of the same name as the faithful of Large families: life in XXL know well, made an update this August 18 after receiving criticism of his role as a stepfather.

On July 13, Ambre and Alexandre Dol said yes. “My love, the man of my life, my love, my life, my other, my soul mate, my double, my half, my oxygen…” It is with these words that Amber Dol began the tribute paid to her husband Alexandre, a few days later, on August 13, in a publication on their Instagram account. The couple arrived in season 2 of Large families: life in XXL, broadcast on TF1. To celebrate their glittery wedding, the mother of five children, including two with Alexandre, decided to write him a long message – accompanied by a photo of them – to remind him how important he is to her.

Alexandre Dol criticized for his role as step-dad

“So many terms can try to determine who you are to me… and yet they just don’t seem strong enough to scream at you how much I love you and that I have you in my skin.”, she continues. “I love you with an indescribable love my angel”, she had concluded. If they had two adorable little ones together, the beautiful blonde was already a mother of three children when they got together. Together they therefore form a happy blended family. But not in everyone’s eyes … Alexandre Dol is victim of numerous critics who accuse him of being more distant with his stepchildren. What to very angry the main interested, who made an update on Instagram this Wednesday, August 18.

Alexandre Dol gives a rant

When you have a stepfather who is cold and distant: people criticize! When you have a loving stepfather involved in the education and life of his stepchildren: people criticize too! People’s misplaced mind tires me out! But you know what ? I do not care !!!, wrote the young biker in a message accompanied by a photo on which he poses with one of his daughters-in-law. Very attached to his stepchildren, Alexandre Dol is keen to add that, even if he were to separate from Amber one day, his stepchildren would remain in his heart. “What I remember and what matters to me is that later, Jade, Maëlys and Lizandro will remember a beautiful dad who loves them, guides them towards their adult life like his own children!“, added the step-dad, angry. After having justified himself on the place he had with his stepchildren, Alexandre Dol concluded:Our large and blended family is not a perfection but it is built in love, sincerity! . And this is the most important.

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