Large increase in the number of recreational fishermen – the guide Emelie: “Interest is maximized”

Between 2018-2020, the number of fishermen increased by more than 400,000 according to the survey conducted by the Swedish Maritime Administration. Approximately 1.7 million people were counted as recreational fishermen in 2020.

“More people who have started to move outdoors”

Emelie Björkman believes that the pandemic may have led to an increased interest in fishing, which is also speculated about in the report.

– There are more people who have started to move outdoors and then perhaps also found fishing, she says.

Inland, it is mostly perch and pike that are fished for. By the way, pike are the most common sport fish, and the most unusual food fish, according to the report.

It is fished most during the summer months, a little more than half of the days it is stated that fishing takes place in June, July and August.

In the clip below: Last winter, SVT Dalarna met Fiskeliv’s host Emelie Björkman to talk about the fishing trend that has exploded in Dalarna and in many other places.

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Hear Fiskeliv’s host Emelie Björkman about the fishing trend that has exploded in Dalarna. Photo: Henrik Sjöström / SVT

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