Large regional differences in the care of disseminated breast cancer

This is shown by the Breast Cancer Association’s survey, which is based on figures from the National Board of Health and Welfare.

– This inequality in care is completely inconceivable – it simply means that some of those affected have poorer chances of survival and also poorer quality of life during the time they have left to live. Everyone in Sweden should have the right to care on equal terms, says Susanne Dieroff Hay, chairman of the Breast Cancer Association in a comment on the Breast Cancer Association’s website.

The Swedish Breast Cancer Association is now launching a call for women with widespread breast cancer to receive the best possible treatment.

SVT Nyheter Öst has previously reported that it is clear differences in the participation of cancer screening between Östergötland’s municipalities.

Karin Dahlström, a nurse at the breast mammography unit at the oncology house in Linköping, tells in the clip how mammography works:

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See how the nurse Karin Dahlström shows how mammography works. Photo: Lovisa Gelin / SVT

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