Large-scale repair of road damage

Bludenz. Smaller cracks and bumps can be seen on many older streets in the Bludenz urban area

In the course of a three-day renovation period, these are repaired and freshly grouted. The maintenance work will take place during the week.

There are many causes of road damage. The most common reason for cracks in the road is heavy traffic. Environmental influences, such as extreme temperature fluctuations, precipitation or slight earthquakes in the subsoil, also lead to cracks in the asphalt. The cracks are now being repaired and repointed. The large-scale repair work is taking place in road sections of Oberfeldweg, Suchardstraße, Walserweg, Klarenbrunnstraße and Forchenwaldstraße. The three-day work will be carried out by ck rep-con GmbH over the course of the next week. During the work, there will be slight, short-term traffic obstructions on the relevant road sections, although traffic will be maintained. The costs amount to approx. € 7,500.

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