Larissa Rochefort enters the void as her own Wraith cosplay from Apex Legends

The Apex Legends player community has consistently proven to be one of the most engaged and passionate in battle royale video games, and today we’re going to see one of the characterizations created by a beautiful cosplayer bringing Wraith to life.

One thing that has surprised us is the fact that the Apex Legends community is very active by regularly sharing amazing artwork, cosplays, and skin concepts for their favorite characters from the game.

That enthusiasm, combined with the wide variety of Legends in Apex Legends, has given us some truly amazing cosplays. Popular cosplayer Larissa Rochefort has shared an amazing creation of hers on her official Instagram account in which we can get into the female character of Wraith, with a masterfully designed outfit.

Larissa Rochefort is well known for her video game and anime cosplays specifically, having more than 560 thousand followers, to whom she recently shared some amazing photos of her characterization of the legend, Wraith. Her appearance does not ask for anything from the original version and explains the great popularity of the model.

It features an accurate and amazing recreation of one of the greatest Legends, Wraith. She shared a few more angles on her Instagram, including one in which her eyes were completely white, a definite tribute to Wraith’s signature look, which quickly caught on with her fans as it garnered over 40,000 likes.

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