Laryngitis: 4 facts you should know about laryngitis

  • Laryngitis: symptoms and course of the disease
  • So you can prevent inflammation
  • home remedies in case of complaints

Unfortunately, colds are not uncommon in the cold season. It can also quickly lead to more severe inflammation, such as laryngitis. What are the signs?

Laryngitis: cause and symptoms

Laryngitis occurs in most cases in the course of a previous upper respiratory disease. If the cold or flu is not cured, the viruses migrate to the larynx and can cause inflammation there. Bacterial inflammation of the larynx is also conceivable. After bacterial tonsillitis, for example, some sufferers develop laryngitis.

The voice is formed in the larynx. If the larynx is inflamed, in almost all cases you will notice changes in your voice. Depending on the severity of the inflammation, the voice can also be lost completely. main symptoms one laryngitis are the following:

  • hoarseness
  • loss of voice
  • Sore throat
  • coughing and clearing your throat

Severe bacterial or viral laryngitis in sufferers can even Fever trigger. Swollen mucous membranes in the larynx can also difficulties swallowing cause. Some sufferers also complain about a Foreign body sensation in the throatwhich in turn triggers constant clearing of the throat and dry cough.

Cure laryngitis: protect your voice and proven home remedies

The good news first: Acute laryngitis usually heal quickly on their own. the inflammation the mucous membranes and vocal cords usually only lasts a few days. Laryngitis usually goes away with the cold or flu. To support the healing process, you should Voice however spare. Can’t avoid speaking speak at a normal volume. It’s a misconception that whispering will do any good to a ailing voice. In fact, whispering puts even more strain on the vocal cords.

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Depending on the cause of laryngitis can also Medicines prescribed by a doctor will helpto treat laryngitis. Bacterial laryngitis is often treated with antibiotics.

Anyone who develops laryngitis after a cold or flu can also use home remedies to help with the healing process. Inhalations are suitable for moisturizing the mucous membranes. That too Drinking water and teas is advisableto keep the mucous membranes from drying out.

Prevent laryngitis with these tips

Laryngitis is usually caused by cold or flu viruses. Unfortunately, there is no 100% protection against such viruses. However, you can take preventive measures to reduce the risk of catching a cold or flu.

One is playing healthy and balanced diet an important role. Eat lots of fresh groceries and prepare your own meals. There are also certain foods that are supposed to boost your immune system, such as broccoli. One is also particularly important in the cold season proper hygiene. Wear a mask on public transport, disinfect your hands regularly, do not touch your face too often and refrain from shaking hands.

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