Las albas face Puerto Montt: Watch LIVE and ONLINE

Colo Colo female returns to the field of play and this Sunday is measured against Deportes Puerto Montt at the Chinquihue Bicentennial Stadium, within the framework of the eleventh day of the Caja Los Andes Women’s Championship.

The cast directed by Luis Mena reaches this commitment after having a suffered draw against Universidad de Concepción last weekend. The Cacique’s goal was the work of Javiera grez when just the local had taken advantage.

After nine games played, the albas are located in the second place in Group A with 22 units, five less than the absolute leader, Santiago Morning, a team that has won all its matches.

In front you will have the Puertomontinas, who march in the fifth place with 10 units and they come from tying a goal before Sports Iquique, in the same venue that will be played against Popular.

Date and time: When do Colo Colo vs Deportes Puerto Montt play for the 11th date of the Women’s National Championship?

Colo Colo vs Deportes Puerto Montt play this Sunday, August 22 at 11:00.

Transmission: Where to watch live on TV or STREAMING Colo Colo vs Deportes Puerto Montt?

The game will be broadcast by STREAMING through the Facebook of Left Pointer.

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