Lasarte does not take importance to the defeat with Colombia and assumes responsibility

Chile added a tough defeat against Colombia in Barranquilla culminating this triple date adding a single unit in this process of Qualifiers to Qatar 2022. A meeting where the national team begins to lose ground in the leaderboard, worrying about his presence in the next World Cup event.

Martin Lasarte He answered the questions of the press after the game, where he was clear in reducing the importance of this defeat, thinking about the next three games that lie ahead and taking responsibility for these poor results obtained in the games played.

“I feel like any other result, like winning or drawing. You have your percentage (of responsibility). We handled an idea in Ecuador, it turned out, we modified it, we played with five, with four, with three and two lanes, we returned to four and there we looked better. But the result conditions everything. If there is a person in charge, it is clear that it is one ”.

But that was not the only thing, since, he also took advantage of the instance to deepen his arguments. “Against Brazil we did not get the reward we deserved. Later, 24 years ago we did not get a point in Ecuador, it is little, I know. And today we came with the illusion of something more. We weren’t good in the first half, we were wrong, Colombia looked powerful and we looked bad, the team looked bad “.

In addition, regarding this match against Colombia, he highlighted the work that the team did in the complement. “In the second half we equalized something, we discounted, it was our best moment and we received the third goal that settled everything. The first time of Colombia at the individual, physical level, in one against one, was superior. We did not order ourselves, we did not stop better when they surpassed you “.

Regarding the concern in qualifying for the World Cup event, the coach was clear in pointing out that “From the points it is clear that we are far away, the truth is that. We must pursue, for the moment, the fifth place. First that. If we achieve seven or nine points instead of one point, the other date is another possibility. It is complicated, everyone looks for their land. It may sound like an excuse, but I don’t know if it’s easy to play three games in a row on the road. The one who comes is visiting too “.

Finally, Machete’s mentality is focused on the next matches that lie ahead for the national team. “I have the illusion intact, we did not start from scratch, this date was difficult, but we continue because I believe. It sounds utopian, it is not about saying ‘ah, you saw’ in a while. But I am convinced that we are in a position to change this. The next triple date is the most important since we’ve been here “.

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