Lasarte: "I am very pleased to see Iván Morales scoring goals"

The Chilean team is already beating what will be the next day of the South American Qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022. La Roja will face Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia in games that can be crucial in the objective of qualifying for the World Cup. The payroll will be published in the next few hours and there are already names that are gaining strength to be cited.

In that sense, one of the most powerful names in the national championship is that of Iván Morales, forward and scorer for Colo Colo who is having his best campaign since he made his professional debut. Situation that does not go unnoticed by Martín Lasarte.

“I have the greatest hope. That a player has made his debut so young is significant, no one makes his debut so young on a whim. Obviously he already showed a series of characteristics at an early age”, the coach started saying in conversation with Redgol.

For the coach of La Roja, “Something is happening that has led me to discussion many times. Young players in general, with a lot of quality, have a brilliant appearance. They surprise everyone, and they arrive at a place and have a kind of relegation because they have to accommodate, adapt until they find their plateau and then they go up “.

Iván Morales could appear on the payroll of La Roja | Photo: Agency One

“Perhaps it is the case of Iván. Iván is in that stage, of consolidation. Being the center forward of a big team is not for everyone. There are many foreign forwards in Chile, or of many recourse. That Iván appears with this consolidation is very good “added.

The moment of the colocolino fills Lasarte with satisfaction. “He’s very congratulated. He was on a microcycle with us. We evaluate him like other boys and it’s the only way, because what differentiates the national team from a club is that you have them every week at the club and you do the evaluation without nobody finds out, “explains the coach.

To end by saying “Here in the national team it is very difficult. You see him play for his club, but making the leap to the national team is something big. A big jump. We will see, but I am really pleased to see him scoring goals and being an important weapon. Also Colo Colo is better and that logically makes all the players feel better “, Hill.

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