Lasarte warns that there will be no special treatment for Colo Colo on his payroll

In September the South American Qualifiers return to Qatar 2022, where the Chilean team will continue in their fight to reach the next World Cup against Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador. However, these commitments will be played at the same time that Colo Colo will have a rematch against Unión Española for the Copa Chile, and eventually, the final.

This may mean that the albos lose several starters if Martín Lasarte decides to take them to the Red and will add to the absence of Gabriel Costa, called up to play for Peru in the triple round of qualifying.

Faced with this situation, Machete made his position clear and there will not be any kind of concession for the Cacique. “When we have before us a challenge of the characteristics that we are going to face, the most important thing for me is the selection”, he sentenced in dialogue with El Mercurio.

As it is a FIFA date, the clubs are obliged to release their players on August 30, so the aforementioned will not be able to play the semifinals against the Spanish Union (September 1) and an eventual final (4). In los albos they seek to win the contest, since they deliver a ticket for the next Copa Libertadores.

Iván Morales is one of the players that may appear on the roster of La Roja. / PHOTO: Guille Salazar

“I will select what I have to select. I understand that circumstances are sometimes a little tyrannical, but hey. There have been some cases in several microcycles in which we released some who had Copa Sudamericana or Libertadores. Now I think the most pertinent thing is quote those we have to quote “, explained Martín Lasarte.

Finally, Machete played the mystery before an eventual call-up of Iván Morales, Cacique’s scorer this season. “You are quoting it, I have not yet given the list”, sentenced the strategist before the journalistic question.

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