Lasse Brandeby’s big secret at his deathbed – Lasse Kronér was one of the few who knew

Lasse Brandeby and Lasse Kronér

Lasse Kronér was one of the few who knew about Lasse Brandeby’s secret.

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At the end of the 70s, Lasse Brandeby was a smash hit on local radio with the eccentric character Kurt Olsson. But the main successes only came ten years later, when he got his own TV series on SVT.

The crowd couldn’t get enough of the man with the checkered blazer and the odd haircut. Several sequels began to be broadcast and the television series Fådda blommor was awarded at the television festival in Montreux.

At the same time, he continued to perform on theater stages around Sweden, release music and in 1990 he released Långfilmen om mig svalv – a fictional story about Kurt Olsson’s life.

Lasse Brandeby

Lasse Brandeby in the role of eccentric Kurt Olsson.

Tommy Holl/TT

Got the cancer news during Let’s dance

After that, he continued to appear in a number of different contexts. In 2007, he participated in the TV4 program Let’s Dance, where he became the jury’s chicken and was constantly criticized for his dancing style.

The popular actor himself admitted that the motivation was not at its peak. He asked to leave the show several times, but viewers kept voting him off.

– From the beginning, I had thought that we would remain in seven programs. If we are voted out now, a big stone will fall from my chest, he told The evening paper.

Lasse Brandeby and Ann Lähdet Let's Dance 2007

Lasse Brandeby and Ann Lähdet in Let’s Dance 2007.

Karin Törnblom/TT

Lasse Brandeby kept the illness a secret

It later emerged that he had contracted prostate cancer in connection with the program. He kept the news a secret until his death in 2011 and only a few people knew that he was seriously ill.

Close friend Lasse Kronér was one of them.

– He wanted it that way. It was me and the family who knew. Lasse wanted to keep this to himself. He didn’t want people messing with him. I had to lie to people’s faces when they asked how he was doing. Well, that’s good, I said.

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Lasse Kronér on the last meeting: “Terribly difficult”

Lasse Brandeby was worried that the disease would mean fewer job offers. When he appeared in Fångarna på foret in 2011, as the riddle reader Father Forau, he was seriously ill.

Shortly after the recording, he was hospitalized. On November 20, he died at Sahlgrenska Hospital in Gothenburg. Shortly before, Lasse Kronér, who had been watching by his friend’s side for the past three weeks, had said a final goodbye.

– I knew it was the last time we saw each other. It was terribly hard to close the door after I hugged him. We knew it was the last time, he added The evening paper.

Lasse Brandeby and Lasse Kronér

Lasse Kronér says a final goodbye to Lasse Brandeby.


Photo: TT

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