Lasse Kronér’s hard attack on SVT: "Abuse us"

There are words and no songs when Lasse Kronér reveals his anger towards SVT in an interview with Hänt.

Lasse Kronér, 59, is a familiar face to say the least. He has appeared on television since 1997 and has led programs such as Bingolotto and Smarter than a fifth grader.

But most famous is the popular host of SVT’s long-running Doobidoo, which he has been leading since 2005.

The popular music program has recorded a full 17 seasons and there will be more, Lasse reveals in an interview with Hänt. At the same time, he directs sharp criticism at SVT.

Lasse Kronér wants to continue with Doobidoo

Lasse Kronér reveals that he is happy to continue as host as long as there is development potential and is fun. And he himself says that so far there is no shortage of ideas.

– It’s hard not to love it when it’s always possible to fix and do new things. Last year, in these times when it is streamed, almost 1.6 million people still sit down at eight o’clock on a Friday and watch, he says in the interview.

Lasse Kronér directs harsh criticism at SVT

While Lasse talks about his love for Doobidoo, he reveals his anger over how SVT treats the program. He believes that the channel is lacking in the marketing of Doobidoo.

– SVT abuses us so into the bomb, I think. Really abusing us. Other TV programs get trailers and commercials, other programs get support but we are a Gothenburg program, we are not a Stockholm program and then you get nothing. Best in tests where you wallpaper the city as well as when they should drive. We do not have a trailer. It’s damn unlikely, yet we have 1.6 million viewers in today’s media society, he says to Hänt.

Lasse also expresses his appreciation for the viewers and says that the large number of viewers shows how popular the program is.

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He concludes by directing further criticism at SVT when he is asked why Doobidoo does not get the same marketing as other programs.

– Do not ask me. I think there are a lot of muppets up there who sit and can watch TV, they think. But they do TV for those who are around Stureplan, but the rest of Sweden which is popular is not there. I really think so. I’m so old now so I’m not afraid to say what I think, he says.

SVT responds to the criticism

Happened has contacted SVT, which is responding to the criticism.

Doobidoo is a very popular program with a large audience and we will market the program. Then different programs have different challenges. Best in test and Doobidoo has completely different audiences and thus different marketing challenges, says Christer Mellerstrand, marketing manager at SVT.

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