Last minute: Matías Zaldivia sues Blanco y Negro

While Colo Colo sails through calm waters at the football level, bad news reaches the offices of Blanco y Negro. It is all due to the fact that a team leader sued the concessionaire.

This was reported by Daniel Arrieta, journalists from TNT Sports, who pointed to Matías Zaldivia as the reference who came to this instance for a breach of an image rights contract.

To understand the situation, we must go back to 2019, where the Argentine received an offer from the Middle East which was rejected by the club, which led to a renegotiation with Colo Colo.

In this new contract renewal, with Marcelo Espina as sports manager, an image rights contract was added. Here comes the problem, since the taxes of this contract were going to be paid by Black and White.

Matías Zaldivia appeals precisely to that, who has had to pay his own taxes without receiving a peso from the concessionaire. Faced with this situation, the player’s lawyer reached the final instance to sue Blanco y Negro for breach of contract.

Matías Zaldivia in Colo Colo

According to the same journalist Daniel Arrieta, the version of Colo Colo is the following. “It is an issue that the lawyers are looking at, it is an interpretation of the Zaldivia contract and it dates from a modification. It is a confidential issue and both parties cannot refer to the issue,” they said.

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