Last place for ESC-Malik – “I don’t know what it was either”

What a disaster!

At the 66th Eurovision Song Contest Germany ended up at the bottom again on Saturday. From the European jury there was for singers Malik Harris (24) zero points, just six from the audience. In the meantime, Germany at the ESC is used to nothing more than miserable defeats. But it always hurts.

Even beforehand, the bookmakers’ bets on Malik Harris were extremely bad. But even he didn’t expect it to be so bitter for him.

Malik Harris to BILD after the show: “Of course I’m disappointed when you don’t score as many points. I don’t know what caused it either. All I know is that the ESC writes its own laws, which often don’t have much to do with music.”

Harris is right about that, because his song “Rockstars” was certainly not the worst in the competition – even if it was performed quite unspectacularly. Harris was all alone on stage, accompanying himself on his instruments in the song.

Best friends! Malik’s father is 90s talk show legend Ricky Harris (59). The former TV star said in the run-up to the ESC in the BILD interview: “Even if my son gets zero points, he will still be my winner!”Photo: Peter Mueller

Harris tries to take his loss with composure. He says: “I played a song that means a lot to me, and it means a lot to others too. That’s why placement isn’t that important for me. In the end, I was very happy that Ukraine won. That showed that the ESC can connect Europe and celebrate music.”

Very professional, Malik Harris flies to Hamburg this Sunday and starts his concert tour there directly, which he had to postpone several times due to Corona.

For him it means: The show must go on!

Malik's disappointment with his performance at the ESC was obvious

Malik’s disappointment with his performance at the ESC was obviousPhoto: picture alliance/dpa

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