Laura Borlini said goodbye to being single and confesses that she is very much in love

The driver Laura Borlini was encouraged to shout to the winds that she is very much in love and that she is giving herself a new opportunity in love, after separating more than a year ago from the father of her children.

“I have been separated for more than a year, but in truth I had thought I was alone, my intention was not to ‘get hooked’ or fall in love. I thought I would stay like this (single) for years, I said that at some point I would go out with someone and nothing else, but suddenly I met him and I loved him from the first moment because he is good, affectionate, thoughtful, we have many things in common and that we like both, ”said Borlini.

You look happy and with your eyes shining with pure happiness …

I’m so in love. He gives me a lot of peace, he is fun, we have a good time and I am happy, especially because he is a man who respects my times and spaces. I would go crazy if I was with someone very absorbing, but he respects my time and I respect his because we stopped at full power.

You could say that they are for each other …

I feel that we are on the same path, we enjoy the same things and we do not like the same things. There are little things that I don’t like and he hates them too. We are on the same page.

Your new partner … Does it belong to the artistic environment?

It has nothing to do with television or theater or radio or anything. His name is Renzo, we are the same age and on 18 (October) we will be two months old.

Are they already living together?

No. Forget … I’m super happy like this and so is he, but it’s too early to talk about such a thing (coexistence). I still have children living with me, the two oldest will fly at any time, but I have a son who is almost 10 years old. He has already met the minor and he has liked him super. To live together I have to know him more or have a relationship of 4 or 5 years. So we are having a great time, but that does not mean that it is an informal relationship, on the contrary … it is super formal. I am encouraged that he knows my family, my environment and I have already met a large part of his family.

However, don’t you rule out coexistence for later?

I think he would be the ideal person to live together because he has a lot of patience, he is a very calm man, he is not complicated at all, zero toxic, but we believe that we still need our times and we respect that.

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