Lauren Graham and Peter Krause (Parenthood) announce their separation

Together for more than ten years, Peter Krause and Lauren Graham, the actors who had played together in the series parenthood have just announced their separation.

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They were together the stars of the series parenthood (who quit in 2015), playing the Braverman siblings. But in life, Lauren Graham, 55, and Peter Krause, 56, had a completely different type of relationship since they had been in a relationship for more than ten years. A story that is now coming to an end as confirmed by the former star of Gilmore Girls who played Lorelai Gilmore to the magazine People and explained that he, with his former accomplice, “quietly ended their relationship last year.” The two actors had met almost 30 years ago, in 1995, but their bond remained purely friendly until they starred together on the NBC family series.

“Our relationship as brother and sister had to be credible”

The couple of actors were discreet and shared, in ten years of marriage, only a few joint appearances on red carpets. But each did not hesitate to mention his attachment to the other during interviews. Lauren Graham had in particular explained the specificity of playing with Peter Krause and the beginnings of their relationship, when none of their colleagues in the game were yet aware. “No one knew for a while because thewe like to be at home, to cook and not to go out. I also wanted to be very low-key because it was important that our brother-sister relationship on the show be believable.” It was in November 2010, just after revealing their relationship, that the couple made their first public appearance at a charity gala in Los Angeles. The photos taken of the two left little doubt as to the nature of their relationship.

Never marriage between the two

In 2014, guest on the Ellen Degeneres show, Lauren Graham seemed embarrassed to answer a question about her future plans with Peter Krause: “I never know how to answer that question. I don’t know. We’re really happy. not already married, really?’. We’re fine the way we are.” More recently, in 2021, the actress confided that she had been physically separated from her companion due to quarantine rules while filming the series Little Champions: Game Changers for Disney+ in Vancouver, Canada: “Normally it’s a two hour flight and you come home at the weekend, but I couldn’t do that. So we were separated almost five months, which had never happened before.”

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