Lautaro Maislin did not keep quiet and crossed Milei after the accusations against him

The C5N journalist Lautaro Maislin responded to the deputy for La Libertad Avanza, Javier Milei, who accused him of “planting a person to escrache him.” “That of planting an escrachador on a person is not done,” the legislator complained against the chronicler.

On the Argenzuela program, hosted by Jorge Rial, the Liberal leader assured: “I do not suffer from any escrache unless some notary planted an escrachedor on me. One of your mobileros did it the other day and my custodian just hooked him when he tried to do it and he I didn’t know who he was”, in relation to Lautraro Maislin.

Then, from the same signal, Maislin ignored the facts and explained that “these guys were attacking everything and the truth is that it is untenable that they are at the entrance to the Chamber of Deputies.”

“What happened to Javier Milei, surely in the next session they will be back and every time one wants to interview a person they end up attacking and scrambling,” the journalist emphasized.

“I make it public because I’m rotten, I come from suffering from these guys who want to hit me and now a deputy who accused me of planting an escrache. I called him on the phone privately but he cut me off and told me that I was a criminal ” revealed Lautaro.

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