Lavallén, Melgar’s coach, warns Inter: “We will go to Brazil with the same form and aggressiveness”

Melgar’s solid performance against Internacional, in the first leg of the Copa Sudamericana quarterfinals, could not be reflected in the scoreboard, which decreed a goalless draw. Despite not getting a win, the “Rojinegros” still have options to advance to the semifinals of the tournament and DT Pablo Lavallén analyzed the performance of his coaches.

“We had 20 shots, of which nine went on goal. If they really didn’t go in, it’s because the goalkeeper took them out. I think the goalkeeper had a good night. In the first half, we got there a lot, with set pieces, corner kicks, some shots; while in the second half, the goalkeeper also took important balls from us”began the strategist of the Arequipa squad at a press conference.

“Surely, we will have to work on having that second of peace of mind when defining. Well, today’s football, with the speed and movements of rivals, sometimes makes you have to react more than think about where to shoot”he added.

In addition, Pablo Lavallén stressed that the goals will come sooner or later, since the squad has a good offensive development. “At least we stay calm, because the team generates. Unfortunately, we can’t score, it’s hard for us, but with this rate of arrivals at the opposite goal, we’re sure to stand out and convert a lot”said the DT.

On the other hand, Melgar’s coach stressed that they will not lose their essence in Brazil, despite being visitors: “In the second leg, we will see what their attitude is. They feel comfortable in this type of match, in which the rival has the ball and they take advantage of the spaces to exploit. It is a club that develops well, directly, very quickly. Of everything I saw from Inter, it was difficult for me to find a match in which they had possession or produced spaces “.

“If the role were changed, and they were Melgar, they would not find many similar antecedents of their game. We will go in the same way, being aggressive, looking for the rival, using the spaces and if we don’t have them, try to generate them “Pablo Lavallén concluded.

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