Lawn Mowing Simulator is expanded with Ancient Britain

The Ancient Britain expansion to Lawn Mowing Simulator has now been released, giving players a chance to mow grass at some iconic British heritage sites. This DLC costs € 8.99 and offers four places to trim the lawn, namely Druid’s Tor, The Royal Stones, The Ancient Aurochs and Aurochs Hill – and here the lawnmowers are required to be more accurate than ever as high fines await those who damage the places .

A new update has also been launched that adds strimmers to all current owners of Lawn Mowing Simulator. The new tools have been designed so that players can mow nicer and more precise flower beds, without having to drag around a lawnmower to achieve the same result.

As if to make everything a little better, it is also announced that Lawn Mowing Simulator will come to Xbox Game Pass on December 2, which gives subscribers a chance to start their own lawn mowing company.

Take a look at the trailer for Ancient Britain below.

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