Lawyer would go to jail for shooting thief

Fernando Amaya He is a lawyer and spoke in 6 AM Hoy por Hoy from Caracol Radio, on the case that occurred in May 2019 in which a thief entered his house and had to defend himself.

“I was in my room, I heard very loud noises, I felt fear, I had my dad’s revolver that he bought in Indumil, I went down and found a criminal who was breaking into my house and I shot him“he recalled.

According to the lawyer, the Prosecutor’s Office recognized his legitimate defenseHowever, they retained him for the illegal possession of weapons because the revolver was not in his name.

“That’s when the bad appreciation of the issue began, according to the legal situation, I did not have an illegal possession because it was my father’s and it was in the process of succession,” he said.

Likewise, the hearing that was scheduled for this year was postponed to January 2022: “The risk is very high that I will be sentenced to 9 years in prisonl, “he said.

“Unfortunately it had been proposed that the preclusion be presented. The judge did not accept it. The thief was free after two days, recidivism does not count. There remains the taste that a looser thing is applied to the thug and the victim citizen does not“, he assured.

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