Lawyers who had a relationship with a gang criminal are excluded from the Swedish Bar Association

After the shootings in Gävle 2020 criminal suspicions arose against lawyer Catrin Listad. They were dropped off, but it was discovered that she had a love affair with a criminal gang member who was also her client. In connection with this, Deputy Chief Prosecutor Micael Dahlberg made a report to the Swedish Bar Association’s disciplinary committee about financial transfers that Listad made to the man.

When Catrin Listad was later appointed to represent one of the suspects in the fatal shooting in Söder, she judged according to her own statement that there was no conflict of interest despite the fact that he belonged to a rival gang, and that her new client had confidence in her.

The prosecutor in the case was critical and took up the matter with Catrin Listad, who ultimately remained as a defender in the case.

Today Thursday they came convicting the judges in the case of the Söder murderand now that the trial is over, the Bar Association’s disciplinary committee announces its decision that Catrin Listad is expelled with immediate effect, which Gefle Dagblad be the first to tell. As a result, she is no longer allowed to call herself a lawyer or take on assignments as a public defender or plaintiff’s assistant.

SVT Gävleborg is looking for Catrin Listed for a comment.

This is what Micael Dahlberg said about the background to her report to the disciplinary committee:

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This is what Deputy Chief Prosecutor Micael Dahlberg says about why he made a report against Catrin Listad to the Swedish Bar Association. Photo: SVT

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