Layda Sansores says that there is no PRIMor in Campeche

There is not, they do not exist, during the third Ordinary National Congress of Morena, the Governor of Campeche, Layda Sansoresassured before the media that there is no PRIMor, nor has anyone been forgiven Alejandro Moreno Cardenas.

Upon leaving the premises where the basic documents of the party were reformed and the permanence of its leadership was extended until 2024, the president was questioned by the media about the way in which she has reduced her attacks against the PRI official and against whom initiated a legal process in coordination with the Prosecutor’s Office of the entity seeks to prosecute for alleged illicit enrichment.

From what she said, it was all a coincidence, since the judge handling the case had already put her on notice for the dissemination of the material on her programs. “Jaguar Tuesday”.

“It was a coincidence. Two birds were killed with one stone, but I already had the warning that the first ruling gave him, this past week, that they would require me again because he accused me of contempt again, so we had another call and the judge determined that there was contempt but he gave a written warning, “he said, referring to the judicial appeals filed by Moreno to stop the dissemination of the audios.

judicial conflict

Layda Sansores says that there is no PRIMor in Campeche

Layda Sansores says that there is no PRIMor in Campeche

Regarding the judicial conflict, he explained that it will not be prolonged, since he is confident that the ruling will be in his favor, on the other hand, he said that he will not forgive his illegal acts committed in Campeche during his mandate, he also assured that in addition to the investigation of the Prosecutor’s Office, your government Do your own research on it.

“No, not us in Campeche, not at all. We are fighting and I hope that it is understood”. “There is no PRIMor then?” insisted a reporter, to which the president replied: “Not in Campeche, not at all.”

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tricolor proposal

Layda Sansores says that there is no PRIMor in Campeche

Authorities are investigating the case

Finally, he was also asked about the PRI proposal regarding the Armed Forces and the National Guard, to which Sansores considered that it was good and that he hopes that the rest of the party will act “responsibly”.

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