Léa Drucker in tears on the set of En aparté (VIDEO)

After receiving Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano, Nathalie Levy spoke with Lea Drucker on his show As an aside broadcast on Canal+. The opportunity for the niece to Michael Drucker to discover a tray decorated with objects reminding him of moments in his career, but also in his personal life. Approaching the bay window, the actress burst into tears. “It makes me curiously very emotional to see that. I wasn’t expecting it, sorry… It caught my eye, yet it’s very beautiful“, she reacted.

“It’s a place that I love very much”

Behind the glass, a photo of Chausey Island, a place dear to his heart. “This is the island of my childhood. It touches people I loved very much. It is a place that I love very much. And it’s funny because I saw pictures of it today, it’s a kind of lost paradise, which touches…“, she breathed, unable to continue her sentence because of the emotion. Nathalie Lévy did it for her. “Which touches your sentimental, family heritage, your grandparents, your grandmother“, she said. This place, Léa Drucker always goes there, as she confided in the rest of the show. “I can go back today, I have friends, but seeing it big like that surprised me.

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“What’s nice is to have emotions that surprise you”

What role did his grandparents play? “It was a lot of fantasy, the music, great security and then a lot of humor, a lot of spirit, then all of a sudden, they are there. Then it’s childhood too, these are childhood dreams“, she replied. She then returned to the emotion she felt when she saw the image of this island that marked her childhood.. “It’s okay to have emotions. I’m not shocked by that, but it’s true that it’s surprising. What’s nice is to have emotions that surprise you […] All of a sudden, we get caught up in images, sensations. That’s what I love about my job. Sometimes you’re on a film set or a theater stage and then there’s an image that hits you and it takes you into states. It’s quite magical“, she commented.

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