Leaderboard | How was Colo Colo doing in the 2021 National Championship with five dates to go?

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El Cacique has a comfortable lead in the tournament and could be proclaimed champion on the next date.

On date 30 of the 2021 tournament, Colo Colo was still on top after beating Wanderers at the Monumental
© Agency OneOn date 30 of the 2021 tournament, Colo Colo was still on top after beating Wanderers at the Monumental

After the 2-0 victory against Cobresal, Colo Colo is the solid leader of the National Championship, with an eleven-point advantage. The chief could be crowned champion against Universidad Católica, when they meet next October 2 at the Monumental Stadium.

A comfortable situation for Popular, who wants to be crowned champion as soon as possible. However, from campus they are aware that as long as it is not a mathematician, they cannot be considered championsto avoid what happened last year, when recently we lost a title that seemed ready.

Obviously, with a much smaller score difference, but the Cacique reached the last dates with an advantage in the item. However, between Covid and a drop in performance, that title finally ended up being won by UC, which had a great final sprint.

In any case, barring a catastrophe, that shouldn’t be the situation this year.. El Cacique has been performing in good shape and proof of this are the wins against Cobresal by 2-0 and Unión Española by 4-0, with great individual and collective performance.

How was Colo Colo going five dates from the end in the 2021 Championship?

As the 2021 tournament had 17 teams, only on date 30 there were five days left to finish the championship.

Pos. Equipment Points diff
1 colo colo 58 24
two Catholic University 56 23
3 Audax Italian 51 8
4 La Calera Union 48 4
5 Spanish Union Four. Five 5
6 Sports Antofagasta 41 -3
7 Everton 38 -1
8 Ñublense 37 4
9 Cobresal 35 1
10 Melipilla 35 -10
eleven O’Higgins 35 -10
12 Sports La Serena 3. 4 -1
13 Palestinian 3. 4 -two
14 University of Chile 3. 4 -3
fifteen United Curico 31 -5
16 Huachipato 28 -9
17 Santiago Wanderers 19 -25

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