League of Legends fighting game goes “free-to-play”

It’s been exactly three years since the developers at Radiant Entertainment revealed that they’re working on a fighting game based on League of Legends, and earlier this week they gave us another sign of life that development is on track.

In the recent development diary (which you can watch in the video window above), producer Tom Cannon goes into depth about everything that’s happened since the game was last shown off, including the fact that the game is now officially “free-to-play”:

– One of our goals is to remove as many obstacles as possible to let you enjoy Project L. We want you to be able to play no matter where you live, how good you are or how much money you can spend on games. With that, I’m pleased to confirm that Project L will be “free-to-play,” says Cannon.

Illaoi in action.

He further promises that the developers will respect both players’ time and wallets when it comes to monetization.

“Release the Kraken!”

Finally in the video we also got a quick look at a new character coming to the game: Illaoi.


Radiant Entertainment

A longer blog post goes more in depth on the unique character, who with his enormous strength and massive size will be a distinctive fighter in the final game.

The blog post points out that Radiant Entertainment thinks carefully before choosing which characters will be included in the game, and states that there must be characters who both serve the game, but who also benefit from joining a fighting game:

– The tough ones will become stronger, the assassins will become more agile and the magicians more powerful. But beyond this, the characters should also feel true to who they are. We want players who know and love these characters to see what they expect, while giving them even more, the blog says.

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